Entwicklungsbuero Stresing in Berlin - Germany

available linescan camera with CCD or PDA sensors

also available:
complete spectrometer systems and OEM systems for uv, visable and ir.
prism spectrometer kit for double beam spectroscopy (transient absorption spectroscopy)

high speed sensor
Dalsa IL-C6, ILC6

Thomson TH7803, TH7811, TH7813, TH7814
PDA Hamamatsu S3901, S3902, S3903, S3904, S3921, S3922, S3923, S3924
PDA Hamamatsu S8380, S8381, S8382, S8383, S5930, S5931

high sensitivity sensor
back thinned Hamamatsu S7030, S7031, S7033, S7034, S10140, S10141, S10420, S11071
front illuminated Hamamatsu S7010, S7011, S7015, S11104
EMCCD Texas Instruments TI TC253, TC285

Loral CCD181
Sony ILX505, ILX506, ILX508, ILX511, ILX526, ILX551, ILX553, ILX751
Toshiba TCD1703, TCD1707

Infrared Sensor ( IR )
Hamamatsu G9201, G9202, G9203, G9204, G9205, G9206, G9207, G9208
Hamamatsu G9211, G9212, G9213, G9214, G9494
Goodrich SU256LSB, SU512LDB, SU512LSE, SU1024LE

cooled area sensors Andanta standard(0,9 to 1,7Ám) or extended (1,2 to 2,2Ám)
FPA320x256 and FPA640x512

cooled area sensors Hamamatsu
G11097 64x64 or 128x128 Pixel a 50Ám

uncooled broadband line sensor for vis and ir (500-1700nm)
G11608-256 and G11608-512

high speed cameras with 50kHz linerate with sensor Hamamatsu S11490 and S11491

all systems as Double line cameras, (doubleline) cameras available.

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last update: 5/2018

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